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  1. anyone has any feedback? very curious https://rentmen.eu/Middle_easternDL
  2. ravenous


    any info on https://rentmen.eu/RonnieXL/#platinum
  3. it’s actually his “husband” or “partner”
  4. he’s Sammy on seancody
  5. I would love to meet Trevor! Could you share info on how you got his contact pls?
  6. Christian Sharp is based in Kansas City. Has anybody been with him recently?
  7. ravenous

    Kansas City

    He used to have an agency, but unfortunately he closed down the business so here's no need to look further into it.
  8. ravenous

    Kansas City

    last i heard according to dave's newsletter is he had quit or retired for good.
  9. Has anybody hired Christian Sharp from man to man?
  10. He also has posted an ad on LA backpage but without a number. We have emailed each other (haven't met in person), and he said he doesn't give phone numbers to clients and only communicated by emails.
  11. I met him once for a 2 hr session, and i happened to find his ad on back page so I was anxious if he actually looked like his pics. But he looked exactly like his pics and very masculine if that's the type of guys you like. We had a great time together and he accommodated my wishes. PM for more details
  12. I established contact w Kyle. At first he seemed engaging and enthusiastic about setting up a date/time to meet. Then the positive energy changed suddenly - he's been brushing off attempts to confirm by saying he's unavailable until October. To me it reeks of unprofessionalism..
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