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  1. tsgarp

    Spas in NYC

    How much was the service and how much did you tip?
  2. His hair is back. He's terrific.
  3. He is, indeed, a unicorn and he's worth every penny.
  4. Is he genuinely versatile?
  5. Any current recs for Shangrila? Feel free to PM if better. Thanks.
  6. Bummer, but thanks for the report. Moving on...
  7. No takers? Handsome face.
  8. https://onlyfans.com/oliverhuntxxx https://www.instagram.com/oliverhuntxx/ Enjoy.
  9. tsgarp

    Kiddo in NYC

    Anyone had the pleasure recently? Still in fine form?
  10. Might need to jump on this grenade...
  11. That's one handsome young man.
  12. Wish I could see other, more flattering pictures.
  13. Bummer no one has actually seen him.
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