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  1. I think Zeb more or less Retired from the business. Had a whale of a client who bankrolled a franchise of Protein House restaurants. You’ll see him at one of his Vegas locations from time to time. Food is healthy, but insanely overpriced and you could Never sustain eating there on the daily or several times a week. Clearly a place for yuppies who are trying to make New Years Resolution plans, then gonna get about a month in. Not too hard to copy the design of the ‘bowl’ meal plan though ?
  2. I told people years ago that this guy was ‘bad money’ After three guys I know who can’t write reviews, had a miserable time with him, What happened subsequent to that? His volume INCREASES LOLLLLLLLL. Everyone thinks their session with the guy will somehow be different....?
  3. My boss with the well pump company is a husky fuckin dude, good looking, straight(but super accepting and decent), and his biggest fault is that he just works 24/7....so he doesn’t eat right. I wrote it into my job description that I do all our meal prep, and we work out together, it’s a fairly honeymoon situation right now...working well for all of us....3 weeks in and he’s up 14 lbs on my program....and loving it. =) I anticipate OUTSTANDING gains working out with this guy, hoping to push through past 200...fuck 2020; but good things coming in 2021.
  4. Hair is unfortunately shaved / skinned off after dancing gigs this weekend....but feeling like a SAVAGE as of late!
  5. Truly appreciate that! Stay in touch! I’m doing my best to! Snow day here today! Maybe I’ll knock 50 emails off my return list, if I’m lucky and ambitious...LOL
  6. One of the friendships I’ve actually built upon more during the quaratine....the semi retired Apollo Phoenix....who doesn’t advertise, but is honestly one of the funniest, most decent muscle guys I’ve ever hung out with in my day. What a fuckin’ rockstar....
  7. Hey guys! Giving you a buzz from the bitter Northeast! A balmy 5* outside right now...and had to enjoy the amazingness of running an electric space heater next to the well pump and pressure tank to keep my pipes from freezing. Remind me again why anyone would want to live north of the Mason Dixon line in the US... Anyhow...! Just wanted to express my appreciation for all your thoughts and sentiments here...as well as especially a shout out to @Ace , Dane Scott(not letting me link to him????), @VictorPowers , @RyanChambers , who have all personally remained in contact with me throughout this
  8. I’m really happy to see so many off these forum members embrace the idea of ‘second chances‘ / reading between the lines to see what’s really what, with a given situation. In sports, or with celebrities...we have all seen many a great man(or woman...) laid low, by the impact of substances, relationships, or a fast paced lifestyle. From my perspective; I’d rather focus not on what catalyst laid such a person low; but rather on what made that person GREAT to begin with. He’s redeemable ALL day long. Has anyone had any contact with him recently?
  9. I was part of the post by AzDr0710 just a few minutes ago, occurring yesterday. As an escort, I’m not quick to endorse many of my contemporaries....because if I do and they end up being a bust, then it reflects negatively on me. Across 12 years of escorting, I’ve only really backed a handful of guys, and with that being said, these are my impressions of Ryan: -*Beyond intelligent and educated; well-spoken and a conversationalist is an understatement -Looks far better than his pictures we need to get him to a pro photographer -A VERBAL, aggressive bottom who was as clean as a whistle- con
  10. I’d love a clarification from someone above that said ‘he pissed a lot of people off‘. Now, if he was out burning clients for money, taking their stuff for travel then not showing, it’d be one thing. However, I think he may have had some struggles / demons while in NYC, maybe even some cancelations....but I think there’s also people on here that would vouch for him and say that when he was on, he was ON- full of piss and vinegar, exuberance, and energy. I always found him to be brazen, cocky, and unfiltered...and I embrace those types of HONEST characters. He never deceived or tried to play an
  11. New England / NY / NJ area until otherwise Posted
  12. Pics from yesterday’s JFF vid; just trying to keep up in this time of...ugh...crisis.
  13. Not just an ankle restraint. 4 way restraints, a blindfold, and very powerful, perfectly done Mimosas. Bartender has a great recipe, but he’s in Jersey, for all you wondering! ?
  14. I don’t bottom very often....but I’d let that @Ace get Weird and Comical in me, virtually any day, WOOF. Have known him a decade- and honestly....that’s a household name of providers that should NEVER have to do a ‘show and tell’ just to get hired. The fact that he would; is because he knows he’d slam dunk any interview, any day. Guy steals the show EVERY year at Palm Springs from muscle guys, from power bottoms...he‘s just in a league of his own. There will never be another Ace!
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