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  1. Hmmm He’s only 18 But been a member for almost 3 years now....
  2. This scene! I would do this in a heart beat with any hung guys. https://www.gayporno.fm/joaquin-santana-koldo-goran-fostter-riviera-vadim-romanov-raw-bunch-sex-2017_1487061.html
  3. Chgo28bttm

    Jase Wolfe

    Bump His ad is back up in Orlando and I will be visiting in a few days. Wondering if anyone has met him recently as everything I find on here is around 3 years old. https://rent.men/WOLFE/
  4. I have found so many guys off Grindr I've lost count tbh. None have been bad and surprisingly most have been absolutely amazing! 2 guys I saw on and off for 2 years, others have been one time things. A few years back I met a 6'6" 19 yr old white Twink that had the biggest uncut dick I've ever seen and he was absolutely amazing and very friendly with me even till this day. I also was lucky enough to meet Liam Mason off Grindr when he was 20 and we meet up several times for a few years. Those of you who know Liam, know he's a very well searched model from a few years back, so the possibility
  5. Jack Harrer Rico Marlon Camilo Uribe Leo Alexander Blake Mitchell Kurtis Wolfe I could go on and on....
  6. Despite the name I’ve met him and I highly recommend him! very nice and down to earth and very into what I wanted. we met prolly 2 years ago now when he wasn’t advertising and I found him on Grindr.
  7. Totally agree! 7 inches is actually prett big but every guy that I’ve met has never been that much bigger and yet they say they are 9+ inches. If a guy tells me he’s 9 I just assume it’s 7.
  8. Bump He's visiting Chicago in a few days and I'm very interested. Does anyone have any further info?
  9. Bump any recent interaction with him?
  10. Anyone? Myself and a bud are thinking of hiring him together for some hot fun.
  11. Just a update: I contacted him back on Monday and have yet to hear back from him. I did send him a text and message through rentmen messenger. I see that he has read my message on rentmen so he seems to be a flake. I would have totally hired without any reviews and taken a chance because of that dick but I guess he’s not intereste in actually meeting anyone. if anyone has actually had contact with him, let us know.
  12. Anyone have info? He’s coming to Chicago and I’m extremely interested with a dick like that!
  13. Anyone out there have any experience? He’s in town for the week and hopefully I will get to meet him.
  14. Any info? He’s current visiting Chicago and I’m definitely interested https://rent.men/Reiik_XXL
  15. https://rent.men/AlxWard One of the best Chicago has to offer!
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