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  1. Back to the topic of RYXX….I’ve been messaging him on RM, seems nice. He has some positive one-liner text reviews on RM (seen via a VPN). He just changed up his travel dates to SoCal 😢 I’ll have to wait and see if he actually visits here.
  2. Oops….should have followed my own advice and searched by his name! https://www.m4m-forum.org/topic/127045-411-ryxx-nyc/?do=findComment&comment=1838779
  3. Any info on this young gentleman? We’ve had a few pleasant IM’s, hopefully will meet in LA when he visits next week https://rentmen.eu/RYXX his RM review are good with a couple positive comments on his personality.
  4. Blast from the past here indicated “no” advertiser not notified http://www.m4m-forum.org/topic/106276-buddy-listed/?tab=comments#comment-1352675
  5. And I did use closed captioning!
  6. Watched it last night on HBOMax, really enjoyed it. Yes, many hot Latino/Latinas (hint I find freckles attractive) and also a loving wonderful abuela.
  7. Wow….tread VERY carefully with what you’re saying. I assume you’ve not met or chatted with a lot of transgendered from what you’re stating here? I’ve learned a lot along the way.
  8. Jeffrey was back on CNN this morning openly discussing the Zoom faux pas.
  9. I have experienced the same…and met multiple times before the transition and a few times after. I’ve haven’t seen this friend in about two years but I’m actually reaching out again to potentially meet.
  10. This topic takes me way back! 15-20 years back? Str8 porn performer Kris Slater quietly advertised as an escort for men. We met, and had multiple visits. After we became somewhat regular, he asked me to top him for his first time…” I want to try it with you..” he murmured one meeting. We discussed and the next time we met I satisfied his curiousity 😉
  11. Cheated the grim reaper once again. Frankly, for short hops I never pay attention to airline equipment. The info card was sticking up in a pocket in front of me at eye level and i noticed. As we were safely landing.
  12. I flew on a 737Max8 this morning on Southwest Airline PHX>LGB 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. Two I’ve tried and would/will repeat: El: https://www.masseurfinder.com/massage-therapists/6049/ Michael: https://www.masseurfinder.com/massage-therapists/41199/
  14. Similar here in SoCal, but Blue Chip stamps were the coin of the realm. I too remember the redemption stores!
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