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  1. As usual, a one sided view of vaccination stats. NYT reports today Biden unlikely to reach goal of 70 percent of adults receiving at least one dose by July 4. Canada has already surpassed that by several percentage points. Ontario alone is vaccinating over 200,000 per day, the same amount of first shots being administered in all of the US. Those who have received 2 doses is around 18 percent, far lower than the US 55 percent but at the rate going, will exceed US rate probably by end of July or in August. The reason Canada had to rely on isolation several months ago was because of s
  2. I haven't looked her up but simply remember her appearing on television one night in Montreal (it was black and white TV I think) and telling her story. I was young and impressionable and I took it all in, the wonder of it that modern medicine could achieve a sex change. My parents were watching too but I don't remember what conversation we had afterwards. If any.
  3. Luv2play


    It's all relative in the end (pun intended). I've seen porn flics where the bottom gets fisted and then a humungous top inserts his huge, thick penis. And I think of the Peggy Lee song "Is that all there is?"
  4. Luv2play


    In certain industries, being thick is considered a detriment.
  5. Is this the Monster that was a discotheque in the 1980's/90's? In the West Village? If so I had a horrible experience there at that time. Never went back.
  6. When hiring for an overnight or weekend, which has been my default mode during the pandemic, I always specify I am looking for a BFE since we are going to be doing other things than just fucking (although I also make clear that is going to be a centrepiece of the experience).
  7. I'm hardly the person to judge these questions as I have only met one transgendered person and that was in the 1970's. He went from being Stephen to Stephanie and had a sex reassignment which removed his penis and gave him a vagina. Like Christine Jorgenson a decade earlier, if anyone here remembers her. I consider these people as having fully transitioned from one sex to the other. And the other way around if it is a woman who acquires a penis in the process of sex reassignment.
  8. My first dog was a black Lab female. She had the classic good looks and loved to swim. Fortunately I had a lakeside cabin which we retreated to most weekends and for my vacations in the summer. She was in heaven. I'm not sure how I would entertain a French bulldog.
  9. Maybe he doesn't have any ropes.
  10. Watching the video of him tells me he doesn't specialize in BFE type sex. Even tho he is Canadian, I think I will leave him to my American friends 😉
  11. I watch it on the Frick Museum site. I forget how I first learned about it but have been watching it since last summer, almost a year. One can tune in on the hour, 5pm Fridays and watch it live or catch it later. When you watch it live, you get to make comments as the show unfolds. Mostly people saying Hi. I try to comment on the substance of what is being presented. After I signed up I get an e-mail from the Frick every Friday with a link to tune in. I even donated $100 last summer since I was enjoying the shows. I studied some art history at university so can relate to the ap
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