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  1. I've been watching each night since Tuesday...at least for a little while. Friday was the busiest night as far as number of dancers goes. Most the guys were returning former dancers (Jay, Pauly, Adrian, Marco, Kyle, Frank, Zach, Ronny) plus a few mostly forgettable new guys. Most of the returning dancers are not in as good of shape as before...which is understandable. Gyms were closed for many months. Alex the bartender is back but the rest of the bartenders I saw seemed new to me. Former dancer Tommy seems to be the new manager. He was there each night but didn't dance. It was h
  2. It would be a firm "no" from me.
  3. Current border restrictions extended until July 21. I'm still hoping for some loosening on the rules for US passport holders getting into Canada. Maybe late July/early August. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2021/06/18/us-canada-border-restrictions-extended/7745459002/
  4. I agree. The border re-opening will be a slow process. I don't blame Canada for wanting to be cautious. Relative to the US, it handled the COVID situation much better during 2020. With the exception of amping up the development of vaccines, the US management of the pandemic was awful in 2020. Thankfully the person largely responsible for that is no longer in office. I have maintained for months that the re-opening will occur in the July - September timeframe. Do you feel that is too optimistic?
  5. I'm currently at a Marriott in the Detroit area. Pen and paper back on the desk. TV remote not wrapped in plastic. Bible and The Book of Mormon are in their designated spot. Things seem to be getting back to normal. As an aside, the hotel is buzzing with people. I spoke with the restaurant manager at breakfast this morning. She said they have been busy all week and will be through the weekend (she said they have two weddings!). Another Marriott in the area was sold-out yesterday and today which is why I am at this one. It seems business people are back on the road.
  6. Correct. The initial loosening of rules is for fully vaccinated Canadians that travel abroad. They no longer need to quarantine for 14 days upon returning to Canada. As far as opening the US/Canada border to tourists/business visitors going in either direction, nothing meaningful will happen until July or afterward IMHO. We will probably know more on the timing within 7-10 days.
  7. I agree. I'd really be surprised if the border were to re-open to tourist travel this month. I'm still predicting sometime in the July to September timeframe.
  8. I do think democracy is on the brink of collapse in the US. It is already teetering and the Republicans have been preparing for this moment for years. How long have the gerrymandering shenanigans been going on? The GOP figured out years ago that their voting base demographics (WASPs) were in natural decline with the growth in the number of non-white citizens. Republicans can no longer win national elections legitimately. They know the process must be rigged in order for them to have a shot. Therefore you have seen many different actions over the years such as gerrymandering, packing
  9. Disappointing to hear that SR's is not improving now that things are re-opening. IMHO, SR's was already in serious decline for several years prior to the pandemic. My last visit was in January or February of 2019 I believe. It was a Friday or Saturday. Lot's of dancers but of very average quality. There was one hot dancer there but he was so stoned he was passed out on one of the sofas in the VIP area. I vowed not to return to SR's until hearing things had improved substantially. It sounds like that hasn't happened yet. Too bad. For me, rule number 1 in having a successful strip
  10. I don't think anyone said what you quoted so the legitimacy of your whole thought process falls apart. But let's pretend someone made the exact statement you quoted. How do you go from that to claiming the person is exhibiting self-loathing? That is a huge leap IMHO. People have opinions. You can agree or not. That is fine. I personally believe most gay men are less masculine than straight guys. It is my opinion and I believe it to be true. You can agree or not. I really don't care. You are allowed to believe what you choose.
  11. Thanks for that. Yes I'm sure commuters are beside themselves with frustration.
  12. As usual, you're such a shining example of how to serve your city/state/country 🙄. *Admin Note: Attack the issue not the person.
  13. Similar for me. I've been called for jury duty many (6-7) times in multiple states (Michigan, Florida, Texas) but have never been selected for a jury. Just lots of sitting around. I don't mind it as I see it as my civic duty.
  14. I heard that there was a problem with a damaged bridge heading to Montreal. How long will the repairs take? Weeks? Months? Years? I usually fly to Montreal from Michigan but I occasionally drive. I'll need to take into consideration the damaged bridge next time I'm thinking about driving...when the border reopens.
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