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  1. You can watch it on their youtube channel. Highly recommended and fun.
  2. Unfortunately the subject looks nothing like TC
  3. A lot of unknowns are asking for 400 to 500. I guess they are trying to make up for loss time from the pandemic. Hope it does not become the standard. lol
  4. love these, but i think i would need a slipcover if these studs were on it... it would cover a multitude of sinful deeds
  5. Two wrongs don't make it right. Both sides need to back down and concede. Otherwise they will just go about destroying each other.
  6. Sadly, Broadway Bares this year is online https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Photo-Flash-Broadway-Bares-Shares-Strip-Tease-of-2021-Virtual-Event-20210506 Would be fun to share any info on fun venues to visit to get into the "spirit" of Pride? Hopefully Adonis will be doing something fun I know Feinsteins 54 Below has a drag cabaret show, but was looking for some other options that week as well! Thanks
  7. Both are great and you should visit both. However, I did find it a little harder to get the attention of a few dancers at the Adonis parties as they are always surrounded by a posse of admirers. Otherwise, go early
  8. Watched it on a plane last week and was a little self conscious with the nudity/orgy scenes as there were some older ladies sitting diagonally behind me and my neighbor was a big large republican female who could easily peer into my screen. Anyhow, thought the initiation bathtub scene was totally hot! Would love to see it replicated in a male brothel/sauna.
  9. I think if one is in the business of selling a fantasy which depends on a "look" or other attributes, you almost have to be transparent and share your face pic. I know some guys who are career-building professionals and where escorting is just a side hustle, they may be more reticent to share a face pic (unless they are completely comfortable and confident with their look). Similarly, some escorts have asked for a face pic and once they get one, it's complete radio silence... so it works both ways. However, in my experience, most escorts do not ask for a face pic but having a visual des
  10. My uncle always referred to tourists as "civilized refugees" as they were living out of a suitcase in a place not their home.
  11. Thanks Tasso… it‘s beyond my comprehension to see how anyone could thrive or feel there is a future for them living in such conditions. I suppose the Israels just want to push the Palestinians out of their homeland. The animosity and feelings must be mutual. However, I did watch a recent Rick Steeves episode where he traveled to Israel and the occupied lands and people on both sides want to live in peace. If both are semitic cousins (descendants of Abraham), one wonders why they greet each other with the words “Peace” when they obviously cannot even live in peace with each other. True shame. T
  12. Thanks. I don‘t know much about the history, but if both sides had initially agreed on the 2 state agreement, why has it deteriorated or it does not work? Did Israel break the 2 state agreement with the building of “illegal” settlements? If so, what was the international community‘s response? How can the palestinians travel from the West Bank to Gaza through Israel? Do they need to go through screenings too? It sounds really complex and a clusterfuck problem to have to do that within your own country. I have no idea as I’ve never been interested in politics or the Middle East. I’m so glad I
  13. Is the two state solution dead now with all the illegal settlements in the West Bank? What will happen next to the poor suppressed palestinians? Or will the israelis grant the palestinians full citizenship making it a one state solution? ,
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