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  1. Feeling ill?? Perhaps you need to see the good Doctor Juma... http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/doctor.jpg
  2. There is nothing like enjoying a session with a well tanned swimmer with a speedo tanline - a tan that is done naturally, not using a tanning bed.
  3. While everyone else is deciding over number 1 or 3, I will take the blond for a test drive!!
  4. djf720

    Water polo

    A few more for your delectation... http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wp105.jpg http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wp108.jpg http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wp109.jpg http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wp110.jpg
  5. djf720

    Water polo

    A few more... http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wp101.jpg http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wp102.jpg http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wp103.jpg http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wp104.jpg
  6. djf720

    Water polo

    Some fun below the water line... [video=youtube;stf9wpnC16M]
  7. djf720

    Water polo

    A few more for your enjoyment... http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wpolo3.jpg http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wpolo4.jpg http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wpolo5.jpg http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wpolo6.jpg
  8. djf720

    Water polo

    There is certainly something to be said for the sport of water polo. Where else is a hot muscled jock expected to wear so little in public!! Then there is the locker room after the game.... http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wp1.jpg http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wp2.jpg http://i.rwpic.com/images/djf720/wp3.jpg
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