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  1. Yellowrod


    Words fail me on how hot this is
  2. Heard a news item today that there aren't enough TSA agents to meet the travel demands this summer, as travelers resurface. I had no idea they were paid so poorly.
  3. Great idea to separate the wheat from the chaff - we should rate everything, from camera work and lighting to sex chemistry.
  4. Chris Damned shooting his load is something that never gets old!
  5. RM says he's in WeHo now.... he's quickly rising to the top of my post pandemic list...
  6. Great movie but very sad. My dear friend's dad had dementia - and watching the former Cal Tech physicist fight the disease was very sobering. Tucci captured that tumult very well, and Firth was amazing as the one coming to grips with the bitter and inevitable end.
  7. Just saw an old Titan flick from the 2000's where this was featured. Looks mighty dangerous! And OW.
  8. Does Ranger do 90 minute appointments, or only one hour to adhere to his starting at the bottom of the hour rule? I usually book 90 minutes if possible - 60 doesn't quite get me where I need to go on a massage table.
  9. Damn - and so promising what he does show.
  10. I'm getting unauthorized on this -- is anyone else having this same problem?
  11. Yellowrod


    Can anyone tell me the actors/scene? Whoa!
  12. Yellowrod


    If the chemistry is right spitting sends me over the edge.
  13. Wonderful sweet and hot man that smelled so amazing. He just oozed male pheromones. Hope he is doing ok and coming back around.
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