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  1. This is my 7,000th post and it will be the last for several months. Nothing serious, but doing a lot of traveling and decided to leave my computer at home. Hope the best for all of you. I have enjoyed the Forum for several years. DD
  2. Great Collection, Marylander.... now gallahadesquire has issued a new challenge to come up with "Nude Norsemen".....
  3. THANKS, MARYLANDER.... I love gymnastics and ballet... The guys in #22 and 23 are especially appealing, as it takes a great deal of skill to make those poses and hold them long enough for good photographs. This is definitely one of your best collections, especially with the links as well as the others. Thanks for your work to assemble them for our enjoyment.
  4. Thanks, Indyguy for this post. I think I would like to meet any of these guys. I have a collection that they could model for me !!
  5. Thanks, Marylander.... when I was in college, there was a guy in the men's dorm who always did his clothes in the nude. He looked a lot like the guy in #2. I don't think he was gay, but he was very comfortable nude. When he left the laundry room he always slipped on a pair of shorts with out a jock or underwear. He was very well endowed and had a great body, and he always like to show off. Needless to say there were a lot of guys who liked to do their laundry when he was there !!!!!
  6. GREAT collection of covers. Thanks for sharing these. I love them all !!!!
  7. THANKS, Marylander... you always seem to come up with the goods !!!
  8. TEASER is exactly the right caption..... now your assignment, should you choose to accept, is to find them without the tease !! Thanks, Marylander. You always cum up with something good !! Sorry for the typo.... I should have said "come up"...
  9. Wish I were in Dallas... I would definitely try them out, as I absolutely LOVE 4 hand tandem massage....Hope you meet up with them and let us know how it goes.
  10. Wonderful guy.... I first hired him only for a massage and it was fantastic... and it turned into more than just a massage. You can't go wrong with him, at least IMHO. But chemistry may play a role in his interaction..... after all he is only human.
  11. I have tried it, but it was not nearly as satisfying as the videos and some of the porn movies portray. I don't use it anymore.
  12. Thanks for a fun collection.... I wonder if that POPE realized the other connections that there are to red shoes !!
  13. Thanks, Moondance... great collection of art and graffiti....
  14. GREAT COLLECTION of shirts and very good sayings as well. Thanks !!
  15. Thanks, Marylander... I have a thing for bald guys, especially if they have hairy chests and hairy legs!!
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