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  1. RyanDean


    He's real. And it's complicated. At least that's what this video interview with TheGayGoods suggests... https://thegaygoods.com/meet-alpha-wolfe-americas-next-top-gay-porn-star/
  2. I don't think "fitting" the "prototypical older businessman daddy image" matters much to providers. That said, making sure YOU are feeling comfortable SHOULD be a priority for a skilled/responsible provider. I suspect hiring a duo might be less complicated than hiring with a friend but I might also suggest that you seek feedback here on a few providers of interest to you. It might help to identify the right gent to ease you through your anxiety about taking the plunge.
  3. In addition to laying out some "rules of engagement" from the outset (perhaps especially including boundaries around private time), I might recommend pre-scheduling some kind of regular check-in routine for you to together discuss what's working (and what's not), so things can adapt/evolve in ways that work for both of you. (You don't want to get into one of those low-grade bad roommate situations where either of you are biding time until the three months are over.)
  4. As a kid, I was always fascinated by the glassware in the detergent thing...
  5. Looks like his twitter's been quiet since January and his OF slowed down in March...
  6. UPDATE: I have been well met. DM if you have questions.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/danielmontoyam87/
  8. I'm booked for a meetup tomorrow evening. Feel free to DM for updates.
  9. For me, it's a turn ON -- so perhaps it's a "to each his own" situation? (Muscledudes with painted nails fly to the top of my priority list.) And unlike tattoos (or even bushy beards or shaven pubes), it's a modification/adornment that could possibly be negotiable ("might I trouble you to remove the nail polish for our meeting?")...
  10. I'd likely be a regular reader/poster of such a forum.
  11. Is there a digital option, @RadioRob?
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