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  1. https://rentmen.eu/JoshLucas
  2. https://rentmen.eu/midwest_muscle
  3. If you're still in Kansas, stop in at the largest, reportedly, ball of twine https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/8543
  4. I ended up staying in Springfield a second night (Saturday) after a day at The Big E (fantastic, by the way) and, no, didn't return that evening.
  5. https://rentmen.eu/Maxjust just so people don't have to go find the link.......
  6. After last May's mess-up (see upthread), I finally got to see the dancers this last Friday during another trip to Springfield. Arrived at about 8:30 and stayed to about 10:30. No cover at my arrival time (got lucky?), but a dude who should've been on stage was collecting dues when I left. Moderate crowd with several apparent regulars, efficient bartender, girl strippers next door (use the back hallway if the mood strikes you). About 10-12 entertainers seemed to be fully assembled by the time I left. I spent some time with Scott, who was among the more masculine of the bunch. Most of the dancers leaned twinkish or lean and there were no really worked-out, highly muscled performers. Most entertainment takes place on the very wide bar (keep your drinks on the convenient shelf) and most of the dancers keep some semblance of underwear on. Despite this, I think it can still be considered 'full nudity' because Scott, after some encouragement from me, paraded around the bar with his underwear down enough for me to confirm the place still qualifies for the 'master list'!! Nevertheless, the apparent 'dancers' choice' policy can be frustrating for some customers, but probably satisfies the performers. It's possible things get more relaxed later in the evening?? $25/5 minutes in the back room which is one large area with separate seating areas occasionally monitored with cameras by the manager in the gift shop area, which is in one corner of the main room. Didn't go back there. Overall, a very casual, friendly room. Montreal it ain't and musclebound alphas may feel like they took the wrong exit on the way to Adonis or Stock, but locals have a place
  7. Good to see "It's just not realistic" back, @marylander1940. 😀
  8. Gotta keep those shareholders happy. To hell with corporate responsibility and child health. McDonald's has been talking about improving happy meals for long before this announcement.
  9. FFF's cum-stain-on-the-sofa thread is probably among the Top Five Forum Threads here. The others occasionally get mentioned when appropriate!
  10. For those who are "confused", I'm mocking McDonald's for taking more than four years to make this presumably simple change.
  11. gee, I guess I didn't report back..... did meet him in late July at his place in NE Phx.....face is better than the pictures......all went well......no worries...... I can try to answer PMs, but it may take a while......
  12. hmmmm....I wonder if there's something in your RM settings/preferences to fuss with??.....I didn't get an auto-call, just the number came up
  13. yes, I'm sure the tree has been thru many fires......the trouble, of course, is that current fire behavior is much-changed from historical behavior.....deliberate fire suppression by humans over the last 100 years (preserve the timber resources) and climate change will remain a concern for decades and may be a greater ongoing threat to the giant trees......historically, low-intensity fires occurred every year and were healthy for the forests......there is much to read about this......
  14. c'mon, McDonald's!......really??? https://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/mcdonald-s-pledges-offer-more-sustainable-happy-meal-toys-worldwide-n1279766
  15. What a great change from the usual! I wish all profiles had smiling faces and clever text. This pouty mouth/edgy pose thing is really tired.
  16. https://rentmen.eu/Heyitsjulian https://www.m4m-forum.org/search/?q="heyitsjulian&quick=1
  17. thanks to @GLEE for finding a new profile name for this dude...... https://rent.men/Matteo_A
  18. and some live action with a brief voice check at the beginning..... https://www.activeduty.com/en/video/Eric-Tanner/147912
  19. https://rent.men/Hunter_Bronson has done much adult work as "Eric Tanner"...... https://www.google.com/search?q=eric+tanner+gay+porn&client=firefox-b-1-d&hl=en&sxsrf=AOaemvJ08BTMrdJmqFX7CRQS1ttHBi4QIA:1632107664768&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjdq9_syozzAhXSnGoFHc7FDoYQ_AUoAnoECAEQBA&biw=1680&bih=869&dpr=1
  20. I had a quick little texting back-and-forth with David a few weeks ago during a previous to-do here in the forum about his rapid handle changes......I wanted his own comments directly and was polite and professional.... instead of some instant "fuck off!" reply, I received friendly chat and honest thoughts from David.....he sounded mature about his concerns and how to deal with them.....I didn't delve deeper into any detailed explanations or history, but ended the chat feeling like he knew the deal...... I did suggest he stop changing his handle in an effort to stop this forum trolling, but he said that wasn't an option.......
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