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  1. As of summer 2021 this thread is two ears old. Would love to hear from someon who’s hired Connor recently.
  2. And I have the same question regarding bars, clubs, strip joints, etc. in Fort Lauderdale.
  3. Any updates since Poppie’s June 7th report?
  4. He’s currently advertising on RM. Very sparse info in the ad. Has anyone met him? Thoughts on his ad?
  5. Thank you, Mike. I did notice your message. It actually led to my post as I was not sure if he had already moved. I’m planning a trip to Vegas and will try to contact him then. If he’s still there, so much the better. If he’s moved already or out of town, I’ll try to catch up with him in NYC
  6. Let me revive this thread for (almost) post-Covid 2021. Any new clubs or opportunities to meet up with go-go boys? Clubs with strippers? Best places/opportunities to meet guys who are up for an escort session back at the hotel?
  7. Any updates as of summer 2021?
  8. Bump. Can anyone confirm if Alam is still living in Las Vegas?
  9. His ad says Las Vegas. A previous poster has him moving to NYC. So, as of June 2021, in which city is he living?
  10. BluDay, I sent you a message. I’d love to meet him.
  11. Looking for a smooth bottom/young athletic type. RM listings don’t seem promising. Does anyone have contact info for someone who might be available but currently not advertising?
  12. Bump. This guy is smoking hot. Someone please hire him and report back to the forum.
  13. Has anyone met this hot muscular bottom? Very cute and ripped. TGTBT? Is friendboy as reliable as rentmen? Any reason why escorts advertise on one site vs. the other? Any red flags?
  14. Hey Quincy 7, I’d also like to hear more details from you. And from anyone else who’s hired maxjust.
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