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  1. But he's only US$1,125 an hour or US$3,752 over night.
  2. And if you stream it from HBOMAX you can avail yourself of the closed captioning. At my age . . .
  3. I’ve a fond distaste for Tchaikovsky. I find his long violin melodies flaccid and saccharine. The operas are especially difficult. FWIW May 7th is also Brahms’s birthday - and mine.
  4. My iPhone6S plus is now nearly 6 years old. I’ve replaced the battery twice and I probably need to do it again. But before that I should consider upgrading. I’m in the habit of getting the newest phone each time with the most memory and keeping it as long as practical. AT&T is my carrier but I get my phones unlocked so I can swap in a local SimCard when I’m overseas (frequently). The problem for me is that don’t give a hoot for camera features and that’s where most of the new iPhone technology is headed. I’ll be staying with iPhones: I’m too old and lazy to learn a new O/S. What would you
  5. While they meet, to retaliate for the Solar Wind hacking, i think it would be great if we could stop all the traffic lights in Moscow and St Petersburg for 5 minutes.
  6. Sculpture? More like a mobile!
  7. OK but will he still fit a top my tree come December
  8. Or the start of a modest orgy.
  9. Coming to a bed near me hopefully!!
  10. Just waiting patiently for the orgy to begin.
  11. I beg to differ Messrs @MikeBiDude and @jjkrkwood but those Shrimp Diablo tacos weren't half bad and certainly worth the cheap price (which I've since forgotten). They were redolent of shrimp not over cooked and the "diablo" was properly fiery. Now I have to patiently wait until next Lent to enjoy them again.
  12. So round: so firm: so fully packed!!!!
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