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  1. He definitely had an ad up before, and he even alludes to it by saying that he's back from a hiatus. But it looks like he's created a brand new profile, even though this stage name seems very familiar. I could've sworn that I had his old ad buddylisted, but I just can't remember who this guy was before.
  2. Strafe13

    Kiddo in NYC

    Had a 3-some with Kiddo and another escort just this month. He was fantastic, just like when we met a few years before.
  3. His ad lists him as being in Ft Lauderdale, Florida now. Since the ad doesn't say that this is a visiting location, I wonder if this sexy fellow has relocated. Or, maybe, he's one of those escorts who likes to change the "home city" on their ad to match whichever locale they're visiting.
  4. Thanks for this @crazyivan. I had no desire to derail this thread, nor do I have an interest in starting a new one about the other Turkish escort. I just erred in confusing the 2 based on their similar stage names and claimed heritage. If you, @lonely_john, have any questions about the guy I met so briefly, I'd be happy to address them privately or in a new thread if you choose to start one. Cheers!
  5. That's a tough thing to tell a client who has developed feelings for you, but, as the saying goes, sometimes the truth hurts. The fact that you feel bad at having to articulate the transactional nature of the client-escort relationship, even if it's necessary in that moment, shows that you have a kind heart. That empathy probably helps to make you a good escort to begin with, but it can certainly have its drawbacks. It's a fine line you walk, and I wish you the best with it.
  6. My mistake. It looks like I commented regarding a different Turkish escort who is now based in NYC: https://rent.men/TURKISHTOPMANXXL. The guy who's the subject of this thread (https://rent.men/TURKISHBULLXXL) listed NYC as a future visit in July, and due to their very similar stage names, I got my wires crossed. Sorry for the confusion.
  7. I concur with the posts above from @Hung_Cody and @hotmusljckbtm . Mascdude is legit and super fun! I almost don't want to give him good press so I can keep him a secret just for me ?
  8. I met this guy about a month ago around late March or early April of 2021 in NYC. So, he's definitely real, and he's actually in the U.S.A. That being said, we didn't have an actual session because we got our communication mixed up, and he arrived to my hotel without us confirming the appointment, so I'd had plans to see someone else. We spoke for maybe 5 or 10 minutes in my room before he left. I found him very handsome and his pictures were accurate. He was the sweetest guy, apologized for the mix up (English isn't his 1st language), and absolutely refused to take any money that I offere
  9. Being a paying member doesn't provide access to the text of RM reviews. That's blocked to devices located in the U.S. due to fear of certain recently passed anti-trafficking laws that have a really broad scope. To read the reviews, you'll need to use a proxy service that hides your IP address location, so the RM site won't know you're in the U.S. Good luck!
  10. I think he's referring to it's thickness. The length is certainly manageable, but that circumference looks huge. ?? Some people's holes just don't stretch that wide. ?
  11. I saw him in 2019 when I last visited California. It was a wonderful experience. I reached out to Bill last year during the height of the pandemic and quarantine orders, and he was sweet in response to my concern. The next time I'm in San Francisco, I'll definitely look him up.
  12. When I first met Jimmy years back, he was very slender and looked like he was barely in his 20s. Obviously, his body was due to fill out as he matured, but he's also really dedicated himself to working out, and he's put on quite a bit of muscle. I don't get the sense he wants to be a bodybuilder, but he definitely likes being cut and muscular and the greater attention that gets him. I don't know what Jimmy's sexual orientation is. Admittedly, I've got crappy gaydar, but while Jimmy's not uber masculine (whatever the heck that means), I don't get a particularly strong gay vibe from him.
  13. I haven't hired Jimmy as an escort, but I've had many a lapdance with him at the Adonis Lounge in NYC. He's pretty much straight, or so he's told me for years, but whether or not that's true, he's a total sweetheart. If I thought that he was gay, I'd say that he's boyfriend material.
  14. I can vouch for this assessment.
  15. In my experience, with this mindset, you're going to be frustrated a lot in this hobby. It's kind of like the construction industry, where delays are so commonplace that courts will rarely, if ever, accept the failure to complete a project on time as a breach of contract. It's just a part of this business which may not be compatible with certain personality types, like @former lurker's father. In another message board for international hiring, it's a running joke amongst American & European posters that Brazilian escorts are regularly "late" for appts. Cultural notions of scheduling and
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