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  1. I met him and he looked in the photos like the man I met.
  2. Dominos is great. Thanks to you guys I’ve seen him several times. Just wanting to broaden my opportunities. Any other guys?
  3. Do you really think they care other than the loss of income? Sorry to be blunt but…
  4. Who’s the best masseur these days for massage + edging in nyc?
  5. Could be a fun guy to do an edging scene with.
  6. Ted is right on the money. HD is big trouble. There’s nothing genuine about him. It’s all about his ability to manipulate and accomplish his mind fuck. If you continue it’s at your own peril. You’ve been warned by many. The fact that you don’t readily see this and that you enjoy his attention and the drama around all this shows you have your own significant issues. Ted is right. You should see a therapist. Lots to work through. You’re enjoying the drama created here—so much so that some people think it’s made up. It’s drama you love and it’s not healthy or normal. The above is
  7. Facts are facts. We have a vaccine. I’m enjoying massages and hooking up as a fully vaccinated gay man.
  8. Any indication of he is coming back to nyc?
  9. My mistake then. So subtract that one but the point of HD’s serious personality disorder stands. A budding relationship built upon manipulation and lies? Proceed at your own risk. It’s an entertaining story I’ll admit but I wouldn’t want to be in the passengers seat.
  10. I don’t think he’s at risk of the police arresting him. I think he’s at risk of hurting k’s psyche at some point. He’s got a serious personality disorder. And all three people with whom he has had failed relationships being their fault — yeh sure. They had —what was it the psychological depth of a filing cabinet? Isn’t that the definition of a projection? Storm clouds on the horizon…
  11. He’s done a search on him—see above. As a shrink I have so many thoughts I’m biting my tongue so hard blood is all over the place. But I’m holding my thoughts until the dinner is over as I don’t want to put a drape over anything beforehand. Let’s just say this is one fucked up situation.
  12. In Dutch “lekker” is translated as delicious, tasty, even happy. Kind of means what we mean by happy ending.
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