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  1. Interested as well, but he doesn’t reply to any messages.
  2. Any recent feedback on this hottie would be appreciated, please. Thanks!
  3. Any updates or recent encounters with this beauty?
  4. I met him in Miami and loved his wit and personality, but I wish he had been more interactive. Not sure if I would see him again. Minutes before our appointment, he hit me up for an Uber and I said no. He came anyway, albeit late, but did show up. He is beautiful but smaller and less toned as the pics might suggest.
  5. He quoted me 500 per hour and went on to say he makes over 200K per year doing this and doesn’t really need the $. I detected major attitude and turned to his friend Keegan, who quoted me 4,000 per hour. Yes, 4,000!
  6. Interestingly, he changed his screen name after I left a negative review.
  7. Zeus was a waste of $ for me. Very disappointing!
  8. Total disappointment! Certainly not the toned body in his pics. Quite out of shape. Claimed to be a great kisser, but clearly had an aversion to doing so. Hurried and rushed. All for the rate of 300! Would never repeat!
  9. Interested as well. Numerous outstanding reviews.
  10. He used to advertise in Atlanta and wanted payment sent in advance before meeting. Not very friendly either. This was about a year ago. He has since changed his name on RM.
  11. He’s a total flake and waste of time.
  12. Stood me up twice this week in Miami!
  13. He’s incredible! Should be a model. Best kisser ever.
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