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  1. Even outside of NYC there are restaurant owners who treat delivery drivers poorly. I stopped frequenting a restaurant here in Phoenix when the owner loudly and rudely shouted at delivery drivers to get out of the lobby and wait outside during a monsoon rainstorm. She previously asked drivers to wait outside when it was over 100 degrees outside. I should mention the food is NEVER ready when it is promised, so the drivers would be waiting for upwards of ten to fifteen minutes in the rain or extreme heat. You would, wouldn't you? It just goes to show that not all business owners are particularly smart or savvy.
  2. Why can't you fill up with water and sit on the toilet to evacuate? Not sure about anyone else, but I don't want to shower where I just took a shit, which is exactly what you will be doing.
  3. You would be surprised at the number of people with low- to moderate- incomes who rent out a spare room, guest house, condo, or attic to supplement their income. This is not just a "rich person's" problem.
  4. I have little empathy for a tenant who does not want to bother with completing the process to seek rent assistance. They can ask for help filling out applications and obtaining documents. If they became unemployed, they had employers who could help. There's always the notion of calling the landlord (to whom they owe money), the church, the town/city/county government, or friends and family and asking them to help navigate the process. I'm certain there are some examples of people who are so isolated they could simply not get help, but it is hard to believe they are the majority. I also have little empathy for a landlord who does not want to accept assistance then claim financial harm. Eviction is supposed to be the last course of action, not the first. Likewise, I have little empathy for those who are not reporting rental income or are attempting to claim a rental property as their primary residence. (You didn't mention that one, but there are folks who do that and think they won't get caught). Under-reporting and falsely claiming a rental as a primary residence are both examples of fraud. My guess is both activities would be detected at some point after the the landlord went through the process of getting a court order to evict a tenant. The IRS and state departments of revenue are crafty beavers when it comes to collecting money. Circling back to the question of being "forced" to sell a property, unless someone exhausted all reasonable means to make themselves whole it would seem to be a choice and not something forced upon them.
  5. If memory serves, there are various rental assistance programs available. Were property owners prohibited from working with their tenants to obtain the assistance?
  6. You are welcome! Glad it helped.
  7. If this is the Wolfman you are referring to, he is still escorting. (He's online as of 9/28 at 6:05 AM Pacific time). If not, perhaps you can check him out and report back. Eric Hassan is also still escorting.
  8. What McDonald's menu item would you recommend as an alternative to the ones contained in the Happy Meal?
  9. I think they are most attractive to adults who collect them and attempt to sell them on ebay years later.
  10. Thanks for your question. You do need to enable notifications. Here's how: In the upper right corner of the page you will see your user name and a down-arrow. Click the arrow to display a pull-down menu. Select "Account Settings" to display a "Settings" page To the right of the page you will see a list labeled "Other Settings" and one of them is "Notification Settings" Click "Notification Settings" and locate "Followed Content" Click the down-arrow and you will see a list of settings you can enable Happy configuration!
  11. You are welcome. It is my pleasure! Will certainly post more suggestions as I think of them. On said excursions, I'd have my dad's handicap placard, hang it from the rearview mirror of my rental car, and park in a handicap space when my dad would walk to the door of wherever we were going. (he preferred to walk from the car to the door) Typically, he would ask me to pick him up at the door when we were leaving. A man gave me a very dirty look one time as I got into the car, as I can walk with relative ease. He turned bright red when he saw me pull up to the curb where my dad was waiting for me with a cane in each hand.
  12. At one time, I did not want anyone who had "baggage." As I grew older I realized that everyone has baggage and you simply need to understand how to accept, store, and avoid tripping over it.
  13. It really isn't simple. Recycled materials are not as easy to come by as one might think. NPR recently aired a piece about the difficulty associated with recycling plastic and using recycled materials to make new plastic stuff. Apparently, there are so many various compounds used when making plastic that it is very hard to separate them during recycling. Then there's the notion that "virgin" plastic is so much less costly than recycled plastic. Think of it this way: We have been drinking water and peeing it out for millions of years but we still haven't figured out how to get around the "ewww" factor of drinking recycled water. (That is, purified water extracted from sewerage)
  14. rvwnsd


    You have to look carefully, but when you do you will see all five letters of my first name, my middle initial, and all six letters of my last name. My signature as it is now was set shortly after graduating university and has stayed the same ever since. Before settling on the one I use now, my middle initial was separate from my first name (it now looks as if it is the last letter of my first name) and the last few letters of my last name looked different than they do now. Yes. When I changed the way the last three letters appear I included a little upward curve that, at this point, I don't even think about anymore. Also, the tail of the first latter of my first name makes a 90-degree turn to form the top of the second letter in my name. So far, no one has been able to duplicate either. At twelve letters, not really. It includes my middle initial. If you don't look carefully, it appears that my signature runs together. No, I wouldn't. I like the way it looks and also like the look on people's faces when they realize they can see every letter in my name, despite me writing it quickly and in one stroke. It can be a point of attraction. I'm always curious about how people arrived at their signatures. My dad had a signature that was ornate and simple at the same time. Despite having the same first and last names as him (different middle initials) out signatures looked nothing alike. My brother, whose first name is completely different than my dad's, signs his name similarly to the way my dad did. At this point, I'm on auto-pilot when I sign my name. However, I'm fascinated by watching people sign theirs. Lastly, with a couple of exceptions, when signing a touch screen I draw a squiggly line. They typically render a "signature" that looks absolutely nothing like my signature, so why should I bother?
  15. That was my dad. His advice to everyone else (including my mother) was they should live in a senior care facility. He, on the other hand, insisted on staying in his house where he lived until the fourth time in three weeks had been taken to the ER. (My brother only knew of two - he must have gotten home via taxi, as he didn't drive). He ended up in a rehab place where he lasted a week before dying from complications of dementia, heart disease, and refusing to eat. Had he gone into the senior facility when he was still somewhat lucid, he would have had a much better quality of life. When my sister-in-law checked out places for him (all of which he flat-out refused) we wanted to move in instead.
  16. Cardiff Crack is amazingly good. When I was back there a few weeks ago I bought a 3-lb tri-tip, cut it into pices when I got home, and forze them.
  17. My dad had several mobility issues. My brother would take him shopping and to the doctor and it was my job to do fun stuff when I'd visit. We went to a few movies, had a picnic (he was able to walk with canes on the grass, not sure whether this is possible for your friend), rented wheelchairs at museums, borrowed a wheelchair and took a tour of public art in downtown Chicago, went sightseeing in the car, and (as you have done for your friend) out to dinner. We explored going to a Cubs game, but he was concerned if he had to use the restroom that he might not make it in time. Unfortunately, fun stuff only happened when I would visit Chicago from San Diego, which was not an everyday occurrence. Still, he got to do something other than go to the local supermarket. PS: It is very nice of you to think about ways to include your friend in activities. I hope you can get the other friends (and most importantly, him) to do some fun things.
  18. Thanks for that. I was going to look this evening and see what happened.
  19. Moderator's Note: Let's avoid constantly posting about a particular spa, as that sounds like an advertisement for the business and detracts from feedback about spas in general. Thank you
  20. I looked at several profiles in the UK, Germany, and Australia and noticed the last login time is displayed in hours since the last login instead of date and time last login occurred after yesterday's date.
  21. After reading the story I did a double-take to make sure I wasn't reading The Onion. On second thought, that's too far-fetched for them.
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