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  3. rvwnsd


    That interview was something. I watched less than a minute of the first five minutes. From the little bit I watched, he seems like a nice guy. He also seems to be the complete opposite of the persona conveyed in his ad. He needs to drop the schtick, be himself, and tell us about himself and his services in his ad. As for requesting a picture - good luck! The interviewer, on the other hand, was painful to watch. His delivery would be fine if he was hanging around with his buds over cocktails. He might want to watch some interviews and learn how to do it.
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  5. Yummy - that sounds good. Thanks for sharing.
  6. hideme.com is a VPN, or virtual private network that hides your IP address and causes you to appear as though you are browsing from an internet connection located in a different country. By doing so you can see content that is blocked in the country you are located in. In this case, hide.me allows you to view Rentmen content (the text associated with a review) that is hidden from users located in the US.
  7. My advice is to remember this and revisit it from time to time, particularly when something about the arrangement becomes less than ideal. It will remind you that you can't predict every possible outcome and sometimes have to handle surprises. It will help you avoid blaming yourself for not foreseeing something.
  8. One more tip: Drink lots of water and dash inside to cool off every once in a while. All of the parks have water fountains (assuming they are running this year) and if you let them run a while the water is very crisp and cold. The weather gets hot and humid in July (think 85 - 95 degrees and between 60 and 80 per cent humidity). Also, check the ozone level if you have any respiratory issues like asthma. Between the sun, the humidity, and the pollution generated by ten million people and their cars, trucks, and buses things can get miserable. Still, it is a beautiful city and that more than mak
  9. I don't pay attention to "Available Now" because my preference is to book a day or so ahead of time. Doing so allows both the escort and me to block the time, me to prepare for bottoming, and both of us to have a relaxed session. Besides, to me "available now" doesn't mean "right this instant." Instead, I interpret it as "I have availability to meet a client sometime in the next few hours." A client who demands to meet immediately because your ad says "available now" will probably have other unreasonable demands.
  10. You are very welcome!
  11. Just like the guys in any given gayborhood on any given Saturday night (pre-COVID) But seriously, they do look nearly identical. They didn't seem to move very much. Maybe Egypt has developed extremely lifelike robots.
  12. Prefacing this by saying I never hired him, despite having been interested in doing so. I changed my mind because most of his pictures are date back to 2017 and 2019 and he included "party" and "pnp" as hashtags. It is plausible to say a guy checked the "PNP" box under "I am Into" as a mistake. Devoting two hashtags to the activity is no accident.
  13. There's a provider for everyone's taste, mein guter Herr.
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