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  1. One of my favorite things is easy to grasp features. Unlike my own which I sometimes have to spend minutes to find
  2. A client review section would be disruptive and destructive. Clients are not advertising their availablity as clients. . Clients are spending not earning money. Clients expect a high degree of discretion. Many clients are utilizing escort services to insure privacy of their identity and perhaps to satisfy peccadillos that may be difficult to satisfy outside of a professional relationship and few would welcome that information becoming public fodder. I believe a client review section would only serve a few persons with prurient interests in sex life of others. If the client wishes to share that will the public, that is his choice; and he may do so in a review.
  3. Here is a good reason to root for the Cards. Up top is a picture of Tyler O'Neill's dad. Tyler is an outfielder for the Card. The link is Tyler shirtless after hitting a game winning home run
  4. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Flive.staticflickr.com%2F65535%2F49586245512_65d5d2f067_m.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.flickr.com%2Fphotos%2F182993629%40N02%2F49586245512&tbnid=btxsj_N2eLKIlM&vet=12ahUKEwjXxtWW4pPzAhWVqnIEHVMUDfEQMygAegQIARA7..i&docid=fHe6ngGsUMOWhM&w=205&h=239&q=tyler oneill shirtless&ved=2ahUKEwjXxtWW4pPzAhWVqnIEHVMUDfEQMygAegQIARA7
  5. Any age may be your sexual peak year if you have a vivid imagination and a sense of adventure. There is always something new to try, someone new to do. Keep expanding your limits and your sex life can be limitlessly entertaining and satisfying.
  6. I remember dancing myself into a frenzy listening to that song.
  7. Were these encounters muscle worship encounters or did things get a bit more intimate? Asking for a friend. lol
  8. I do not watch it but I have hired some guys for more than an overnight and they needed time to add content to their page. That was a bit of a turnoff, though one could look at it as someone taking a business call. I do not object to extended time hires having private time to take care of their business but something about their taking that time to add X rated content is bothersome. It did not ruin our time together but it was enough of a distraction for me to have me consider not hiring them again. I think it may be that it disrupts the fantasy aspect of our time together.
  9. I have faked an orgasm when topping as I was getting tired and the thrill was gone. The lack of orgasm did not mean it was not fun, but it was not fun anymore. The need to come had just stopped and while under other circumstances I have pushed on and regained the desire and eventually was able to come, sometimes, as per Donna Summer and Ms. Streisand, "enough is enough is enough I can't go on I can't go on no more no "
  10. I agree he is more a thanks for participating trophyyboy Guess you did not have to wait long.
  11. Roasted 17 year cicada. I can wait for it
  12. Thinking that was sarcastic. Though it may be very bad timing. I choose to give him the benefit of the snark.
  13. I believe sexual improvisation is what I do best. I have had many partners tell me they enjoy our sessions because before the session they are never quite sure what is going to happen and during the session they are never sure what is going to happen next. I like to keep them off balance. It makes it easier to push them down and have my way with them lol.
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