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  1. https://rentmen.eu/rennehubbard Reverse image search turns up nothing. Physique is stunning. List of "intos" is short.
  2. Now in NYC, still only one highly negative RM review. Review says photos inaccurate, but the twitter evidence is otherwise.
  3. https://rentmasseur.com/BigCountryMuscle
  4. Odd, MF says he's in NYC, RMasseur says Philly.
  5. Very nice guy, very good looking guy, matches his pics and is fun.
  6. https://www.masseurfinder.com/massage-therapists/41703/
  7. dutchal

    Black muscle

    My comments are same as Italiano's and the Baron's from about the same time period.
  8. dutchal

    Jamie in NY

    He's been around for decades (literally) and has been discussed before, but I don't remember whether there's been a name change. He's at least in his 50s, probably his 60s. The lead pic is definitely out of date, but some of the others may be current or close to. Don't remember what the gist of the prior discussion was. He earns some of his money in the music business and goes back and forth between NYC and Nashville. My one experience with him decades ago was a good massage from a strong guy and more extra than I was expecting.
  9. You can see the back tattoo here: https://xhamster.com/videos/arad-winwin-alexander-volkov-lucasentertaiment-xhZ13Yt
  10. The text comments on the RM reviews are about the best set I've ever seen.
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