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  1. I can't find my "watched" content. I see the post/message is still rebuilding/processing. I looked under the My Activity, Content/Follow and did not find anything. Is this were my "watched" threads may be located? Thanks @RadioRobfor your efforts!
  2. Here is a link: https://rentmen.eu/Meatball_Mike
  3. Just filled up @ Costco in Houston - $2.49 regular and $2.75 for premium. Of course we have three gasoline refineries in a 50 mile radius. The pipeline supplying the Northeast should restart mid-day today.
  4. I agree, the new layout does look familiar. I'm sure we will adjust if you decide to move forward. You are volunteering your time to this project using a software product that you are proficient should be expected. I may be a little worried about the ability to post images that are saved to this site due to current FOSTA/SESTA regulations. You never know what folks may post that is being hosted here.
  5. Thanks for the heads up and keeping us advised.
  6. I appreciate your work and effort on the reorganization. I like it.
  7. Hmmm - I'll pickup a Whataburger in a Texas Airport Terminal on my way to NYC over a WC anytime. I'm looking forward to Broadway reopening too.
  8. Happy Birthday! Wishing you great success in your new location. Its exciting moving forward and committing to your business. I found your IG site as well. Nice work!
  9. From a prior post -
  10. I believe it is LEOWildXL - https://rentmen.eu/LEOWildXL Leo was accompanied with @Despardo Leo joined our Sunday Dinner. Handsome guy.
  11. In that vein, how about Kelly Ripa (with the obvious plan to be introduced to Mark Consuelos)
  12. Yes, I did - from around 7:05pm CDT today until approx 8:20pm CDT - April 19, 2021 - Glad to see it back online!
  13. I host when I travel. I host in my home town only for providers that I have seen before and have established a connection.
  14. @DamianQuantas - Yes, I do feel more comfortable now that I am vaccinated. And, yes, I do feel more comfortable hiring an escort that is also vaccinated. I curtailed my hiring this last year and looking forward to fun times in the future.
  15. I began attending this event in 2014 missing only 2020, so I’ve attended 7 events now. Even though there are some familiar faces each year there is always a new crop of attendees. I enjoy talking and meeting both providers and clients who share similar interests. My thanks go out to @Oliver for hosting the event, @Epigonos for all of the wonderful tasty hors d’oevures, @David-SF for hosting a pre-event with a special memorial to Guy/Daddy who created a website for like-minded participants to engage in discussion on some many different topics. I’m looking forward to next year as well.
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